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Company Profile:
A-1 VERITAS Surgident Co is the leading company dedicated to providing Medical Instruments. A-1 VERITAS has been manufacturing and exporting Surgical, ENT, Gynecology, dental Instruments and Beauty Instruments, life saving instruments for cater to the needs of valuable customers more effectively and efficiently with products of international quality and standard of competitive prices. Today, our company with continuous growing rate of turnover is one of the fastest growing groups in the country. Our company is fostering that position through expansion of its core businesses and introduction of advanced technology-based products
Since its foundation, A-1 VERITAS has achieved the reputation for producing reliable and A-1 quality medical instruments for domestic and export market. The reason behind the company’s successful reputation and reliable products is its stringent quality control procedure, economical prices and prompt delivery. Today it has grown into one of the most dynamically versatile manufacturer of Surgical and Dental Instruments.

A-1 VERITAS is committed to continued expansion of its core business through internal development programs and acquisition strategies. Our company has steadily grown its market presence and distribution system by developing and purchasing products, and acquiring companies that complement its business focus. Our focus is based on A-1 Quality and prompt delivery. Our mission is to advance the well-being of People by offering health care solutions based on A-1 quality Instruments and on time delivery.

At A-1 VERITAS, we strive for the highest level of expertise in knowledge of our products and for a solid understanding of every customer’s business. Our goal is to develop an ongoing relationship with each of our customers that is built on trust, A-1 quality, and consistency. We look to provide service that exceeds not only our customers’ expectations, but industry standards as well.

Plant and Production Facilities:
The state of art and plant are located in Sialkot which is the famous city for manufacturing of Surgical Instruments. Production facilities have been constructed and maintained in accordance with the WHO GMP requirements for cleanliness. Plant operations maintaining A-1 quality standards by qualified and experienced technical personnel and trained workforce. Our company had installed the latest plant and machinery to achieve the accurate required instruments. Our company has also deployed state of the art technology in assembly and packing to ascertain consistency in the product quality. The company has also developed special capability in the manufacturing of Beauty instruments in addition to the manufacture of a new diversified and distinctive world of Surgical, ENT, Gynecology and dental Instruments, along with A-1 quality Scissors and Manicure sets.

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